I recently installed version 2.9 of WordPress for an affiliate site I’m building and noticed that after publishing a post the pingbacks and tracebacks weren’t working. Unable to figure out a solution I searched the Web and finally came across an easy fix for this bug. Props to Karen from BlazingMinds.co.uk for figuring this problem out.

Here’s how she fixed the bug:

Find your “wp-includes/cron.php” file

Look for the following code in the cron.php file:

$cron_url = get_option( ’siteurl’ ) . ‘/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron’;
wp_remote_post( $cron_url, array(‘timeout’ => 0.01, ‘blocking’ => false, ’sslverify’ => apply_filters(‘https_local_ssl_verify’, true)) );

You’ll need to change the 0.01 value in the above example to 1 in the below example below.

$cron_url = get_option( ’siteurl’ ) . ‘/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron’;
wp_remote_post( $cron_url, array(‘timeout’ => 1, ‘blocking’ => false, ’sslverify’ => apply_filters(‘https_local_ssl_verify’, true)) );

Remember to backup the original cron.php file before saving and now your blog’s pingbacks and tracebacks should be working!

You can read more about Karen’s fix here: http://blazingminds.co.uk/wordpress-stops-pinging-fix/

Thanks for the fix Karen!

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FireFox Add-on: LeechBlock

by seojoe on December 22, 2009

If you’re like me and suffer from I.M.A.D.D (Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder) you should check out this great Firefox add-on called Leechblock. I installed it several days ago and have found it to be surprisingly effective at keeping me focused on what I need to accomplish while on the computer.

How LeechBlock Works

The add-on allows you to block web sites that waste your time and prevent you from being productive. LeechBlock allows up to six sets of sites to block and you can configure it with different times and days for each one of the sets. It also provides for different levels of accessibility to the extension options depending on the severity of your attention disorder. If you’ve got it bad you should enable the highest degree of difficulty to access the extension options.

If you have a hard time staying focused and find yourself constantly visiting “time-killer” sites I would highly recommend you get LeechBlock.

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Wordstream Launches Two Free Keyword Research Tools – Search Marketing News Blog – Search Engine Watch (SEW)

December 16, 2009

via blog.searchenginewatch.com Awesome free keyword site!

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My Thesis on DIYthemes Thesis Theme

December 15, 2009

Over the past several months I’ve noticed a lot of SEO gurus touting DIYthemes’ Thesis theme for WordPress. Initially I didn’t think much of it other than it was just another WordPress theme with a couple of bells and whistles. For whatever reason, several weeks ago, I revisited their site to learn more about it […]

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Seo Joes – Welcome

December 12, 2009

Welcome to SeoJoes.com! I’ve just started the site and will be adding content soon.

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